Canton Flooring

Restoring and Modernizing Flooring in Canton Homes

Canton is a growing township in southeast Michigan; with its proximity to Downtown Plymouth, booming Ford Road, and high school system, it’s become a popular place for families to invest in homes. Functional Floors is here to help you with that investment; whether you’re trying to restore original wood or modernize your updated residence, we’ve got you covered.

All Your Flooring Needs, Covered

We are a full-service flooring company, meaning we offer a variety of services to cater to your needs. Functional Floors offers the following:
floor refinishing

  • Hardwood: Not only can we install brand new hardwood flooring into your home, we can also repair and refinish any existing hardwood you might have. Try our stain visualizer today!
  • Laminate: This option will give you the expensive look of hardwood while remaining budget-friendly. Additionally, it’s a great choice for Canton families, as it’s long lasting and relatively low-maintenance.
  • Tile: Another low-cost option and similar to laminate, it is low-maintenance and durable, but is more suited for areas that see an excess of water. i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms.
  • Vinyl: We also offer vinyl plank flooring (can give the look of hardwood at a lower cost) and vinyl tile flooring (can imitate the look of higher end porcelain or ceramic tile). This option has increased in popularity causing manufacturers to produce higher quality product and more variety.

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Stain Visualizer

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