Vinyl: Maintenance Tips

Your new vinyl flooring is as easy to maintain and durable as it is beautiful! Here are some tips to keep it looking as great as it did the day we installed it.

  • Use door mats at all outside entrances to contain the bulk of the dirt that may have otherwise make its way on your floor.
  • Use felt pads on the legs of all chairs, tables, couches or other furniture that move to avoid scratching or gouging your floor.
  • Do not drag heavy things across your floor (like a refrigerator) as this will likely cause damage. If you need to move a heavy item, use sheets of plywood to help disperse the weight. Just roll it onto a thin piece of luan or plywood then rotate sheets as you roll it to the desired position.
  • Rugs in direct sunlight should be moved often to avoid picture framing, which can happen over time with exposure to ultra-violet rays.
  • Place felt pads under the legs of all moving furniture, i.e. chairs, tables, etc.
  • Regularly sweep, dust mop or vacuum your floors (do not steam clean). Dust can be abrasive, much like sandpaper, under your feet.
  • Clean spills quickly to avoid staining
  • Clean your floor with soap and warm water bi-weekly or when sweeping alone is insufficient.
  • Use a damp mop or cloth with warm water and cleaning detergent. Keep in mind very little water is necessary to clean your floor. Do not allow water to puddle for long periods of time.
  • If a specific vinyl floor cleaner is used, be sure to follow the instructions for the product you choose.

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