How to Prepare Your Home

Customer Preparation

There are several steps each client must take to prepare for our flooring projects. If you’re already scheduled for installation, renovation, or refinishing with us — continue reading below on how to prep your home! 

Furniture: Please remove furniture, photos, or drapery from the rooms and closets we are working on before we arrive.

Appliance: If we are installing or refinishing floors in your kitchen, please remove your stove and refrigerator (or any other large appliances you may have). Your dishwasher can remain in the area.

Toilets and vanities: If we are working on the floors in your bathroom, please remove the toilet and vanity.

Shovel Snow: This applies only in the winter, but if you have scheduled installation or renovation with Functional Floors, you must shovel the snow in your walkway to make moving tools, equipment and materials safe for our team.

DUST REMINDER: Many of our flooring projects involve sanding inside your home, which can be a messy process. Our trained professionals work to keep the area as clean as possible, but some dust should still be expected. Functional Floors equipment uses dust containment systems that handle the majority of the dust, and we also do our best to seal off doorways and cold air returns in the areas we are working in. If you have other areas of concern, feel free to cover those. If you do have special requests, please ask the crew upon arrival and we will do our best to accommodate. If you’re interested in professional cleaning after your project is completed, please contact us. We work cleaning companies in the area that can help at affordable rates! See below for more information. 

NEED HELP? If you need help with moving ANY of the above, we work with professional moving and  handyman companies that can assist in removing these items and/or appliances.