Iron Acetate

Iron Acetate

Iron Acetate Finish

Iron acetate is a more natural alternative to a traditional stain that offers a very unique look! It is achieved through a chemical reaction that a special vinegar and steel wool solution have with the tannins in wood. We start by soaking steel wool in vinegar and while the solution develops, our trained professionals will prep your floors by sanding and buffing the area to the specific smoothness required for this application. Once the solution is ready, we carefully brush it on the floor allowing the solution to react with the wood. The next day, your floors will be ready for us to seal, giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

Iron Acetate Will Make Your Home Stand-Out

Because this solution reacts with each board in different ways, unlike most traditional stains, no two floors will look the same, making your home a stand-out! The color is typically on the gray scale and among a darker shade range, giving you a weathered, modern look. If you are interested in learning more about this technique, contact us today.

The Different Effects of Iron Acetate

Factors such as the minerals/tannins in each board, and how open or closed the grain is on your wood species will affect how dark the solution makes the floor. Unlike stain, multiple coats of the solution can have a darkening effect on the floor if desired. Additionally, since this solution creates the color by its reaction with the tannins in wood, the amount in each species and each board makes a difference on the amount of color change created by an iron acetate solution.