Need Help Preparing for Your Project

Let our team at Functional Floors make this process as stress free as possible! We often partner with other professional companies in the area that can aid you in your preparation. Please feel free to contact these companies directly with questions or to schedule. We are happy to help with the coordination as well. If you have a different company not listed here, that you prefer to handle one of these services we can work to coordinate with them as well.

These prices are subject to change and may vary, but are provided to give you an idea of cost.

DISCLOSURE: Functional Floors DOES NOT take responsibility for work completed by these outside companies. They are each licensed, insured, and hired by you. Any issues that may arise must be handled by them.

Professional Moving Service:

Move-out $299 and move-in $299*. (Cost is generally $299/visit for up to 1 hour. Additional 1/2 hours are $80)

Men on the Move
(734) 744-9547

Handy-Man Service:

$149 per visit plus any required materials (Up to one hour per visit, additional hours are $100 per hour.)

The Fix-it Friends
(248) 289-7955

Bold Construction
(734) 233-9411

Professional Cleaning Service:

3-hour cleaning for $149. (Additional hours are $40 per hour)

Maid Green
(313) 389-6243

Painting Service:

1-hour of painting for $100. (Additional hours are $75 per hour)




MacFarland Painting
(734) 564-6664

(734) 846-9556

Other Recommended Companies

If you have other home projects in mind, we highly recommend visiting My Local Pros. From landscapers, to electricians, My Local Pros have a professional company for any project in your home. Functional Floors regularly meets with the companies involved in the Livonia chapter and feel comfortable referring you to any. Each are all held to a very strict code of ethics as well as a vigorous set of guidelines according to the specific profession.

Interested to see the high-quality workmanship that the Functional Floors team is known for? Contact us today for an estimate or quote!