New Hardwood Floor Installation

New Hardwood Floor Installation

Once you’ve picked the perfect new hardwood floor for your home, the installation can begin. Our experienced team will make sure everything goes smoothly. Every detail matters to us, because we know it matters to you. We’ll measure, install, and clean up your space. We also want you to prepare you for what this process entails.

Before Installation

Before work begins, we’ll inspect the space and take various measurements. We’ll assess your subfloor and underlayment requirements, and answer your questions. When we begin the project, any room we’re working in will be off limits until the installation is complete. After years of doing installations, our time-tables tend to be accurate. But sometimes unforeseen issues arise. We ask that you allow for an extra day or two should our installers run into any obstacles.

Before our installers arrive, you’ll need to clear all furniture and appliances from your room(s). We do have a local professional moving company that we work with on a regular basis and have secured discounted pricing for our customers. If this would be helpful to you please contact are of office to ask about our premium packages. The hardwood flooring has to acclimate to your home before we put it in. Typically, we’ll leave it in an unused room to adjust to the temperature and humidity. This can take several days, but it’s crucial. Skipping this step could lead to improper and uneven installation. So we’ll always include this step as part of our plan for your home.

During Installation

Next we’ll address any issues with your subfloor. Once that’s finished, cutting and installing begins. This part of the process can be quite noisy. Because of this, we make sure to schedule our work during normal business hours.

After Installation

After we install your new floor, any adhesives used in the process will need some time to dry. As a result, we may suggest that you stay off of the floor for another day or so. Then it will be time to move your furniture and appliances back in. Putting rubber or felt pads onto the bottom of these items will help to protect your brand new floor. Without these, scratching and denting can occur. We’ll always work hard to leave your home as clean as possible. We know you’ll love what a brand new hardwood floor can do for your home.

Flexible Financing for New Hardwood Floor Installation

We know that home improvement projects can come with its own set of challenges and surprises. These costs can add up, so we offer financing options for our customers to allow for purchasing flexibility. We offer financing through our GreenSky, LLC partners.